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washington. wild fires come record high temperatures, and strong wind. they are frantically battling a lethal combination. >> we cannot do any active firefighting. the wind is too strong. it is too hot. >> the white house says it is considering leaving no combat troops in afghanistan after 2014. what happens in vegas does not always stay in vegas. we show you the latest gadgets we hope make it out of the city. welcome to our viewers on public television and around the globe. when you are trying to put out 130 wildfires the last thing you need are strong winds and record high temperatures. that is what firefighters in southeast australia are dealing with right now.
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it is no longer possible to save the homes. they're racing to get people to safety instead. >> the new south wales bushfires are being fanned by ferocious wind and some of the highest temperatures the state has witnessed. four large regions are placed at the highest state of alert. it means the bush fires are not controllable and fast moving. residents have been strongly urge to escape their path. at ground level we saw for cells how terrifying and unpredictable the fire fronts can be. this is one of that made roads. the princess highway. highway.'s off it, the country homes and properties most at risk. you get a sense of the conditions the firefighters are
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dealing with. the swirling, vicious winds. 45 degrees and there is a sudden change in the wind and that is what makes these fires and predictable. in the small town, they have decided to stay and protect her home. our garden hose your main defense. >> with roads shut and communities isolated, many face a different kind of agony. stranded from family members as the fires closed in. >> they cannot get out and i cannot get in. >> helicopters bombarded the fires with water. raced from blaze to blaze. to little avail.
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the weather conditions are such a we cannot do active firefighting. it is too hot. and of fire danger rating is far too high. >> it is not just new south wales that has been affected. victoria, the state that suffered the black saturday disaster in 2009 is being hit again. seldom has austria seen such a m.p. way. a british soldier has been shot dead and an army base. the attacker was wearing an afghan army uniform. it happened as the president of afghanistan arrived for round of meetings with officials. we will have more on that visit. let's get this report. >> as their british instructors
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look on, afghan soldiers are being trained in said a british base. they work and live backcourt -- close quarters but always in the background are armed british soldiers called guardian angels. their protection against insider tax. the stand watch. increasingly uneasy relationship. the first british soldier to die this year still has not been named. but like the fire that -- five others who died before him in their six month tour of duty he was killed by afghan security forces. the afghan commander in the area explained what happened. >> before firing on the british soldiers, he shot at afghans. he targeted the coalition camp which was next door. then the gunman was killed. we will have more details.
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>> soldiers are risk where they should be most say from inside their camps. taliban infiltration is often to blame. the tactic is to undermine the relationship between afghan forces and the coalition partners, making it more difficult for the afghan military to take over security here. president karzai arrived in washington today. mapping out afghanistan's future after foreign combat troops have left. their meeting will determine the primary mission, to fight the taliban or to get rid of al qaeda. president karzai wants soldiers. his forces lead emissions across the country. they are still not ready. for many years to come, these
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soldiers in afghanistan generally will rely on america's support. >> for more on those meetings taking place, i spoke with peter bergen. what is the main sticking point in these meetings between what the white house wants and what president karzai wants? >> it is the question of immunity for american forces. the u.s. does not want its soldiers being prosecuted by an afghan accords for obvious reasons. this is a big sticking point. >> karzai would like that? >> yes. that is very much what he would like. and then there is the numbers. the obama administration [inaudible] the final number will be 8000 to 10,000.
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>> the white house did not rule out the possibility that there will be no u.s. combat troops after the end of 2014. what difference to the future to those numbers make? >> most importantly it is psychological. if the u.s. pulls the plug on december 31, 2014, afghans are going to have a fairly collective [inaudible] a garantor against pakistan interfering with the country and also the taliban not coming back. that is a real concern when july 2011 was the drawdown date. >> what can 8000 troops do to stop that happening? >> a good question. i would find it hard to believe that the u.s. government would not leave some number of troops. think about the blood and
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treasure that has gone into this. it is not just the united states. it is the u.s. and nato policy for continuation of a presence past 2014. is it a combat presence? no. it is a support to counter terrorism and a training program. the distinction between that and the combat provinces in the eye of the beholder. >> you have been following afghanistan for over a decade. your new book is "talibanistan." is that how you see the future of the country? >> luckily not. if you look at polling data, most afghans did not want the taliban. they want some negotiated settlement. it will have another election with a high turnout and they're all the things that have gone right. we know what has gone wrong. whether it is very few minds or
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it is girls in schools. i was there when the taliban were in power. the good news gets excused -- of scared. >> thanks for coming in. afghanistan the focus of attention. i will be discussed at both meetings at the white house. a quick look at other news from around the world. president chavez will not be attending this thursday's story in of his third term. he will miss the ceremony because of ill health. he has been receiving medical care for cancer in cuba and he has not been heard of -- from since his fourth round of surgery which was on december 11. condoleezza rebels have declared a unilateral cease-fire in hopes of an end to nine months of revolt. the rebels had agreed to pull
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out of the east city in december. they announced a cease-fire ahead of a second round of negotiations with president kabila's government. the indian army said a patrol had come under fire. pakistan has denied the accusations. it accused indian troops of killing a pakistani soldier in a cross border attack. chinese citizens have been demonstrating in the southern city protesting against press censorship. the "southern weekly" went on strike because they say beneficial change their reform message. political leaders in northern ireland have warned of consequences unless a peaceful solution has been reached.
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the decision to stop flying the flag has been raised in unionists and led to clashes. there was more unrest as our island course on a report. >> these are their protesters refused to stop. they have no faith in politicians. they prefer street politics. they believe the peace process has made northern ireland less british and the recent removal of the union flag was the final straw. >> we have had enough. it is time for action. >> enough of what? >> it cannot walk anywhere and cannot do this or that. scrapped a good faith agreement and start again because it is not going to work and we're not going to settle for it. >> the protests began 36 days
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ago. there will not be any protests. we're being found [inaudible] we want to represent our flag and i have taken it down. >> some demonstrations have been peaceful and others have not. the police say loyalist paramilitary have been orchestrating some trouble. >> the organization still have the clout and the dominance of their communities to switch this often want to. we're in a situation where people are applying to the crowd and play to the mood and plane to the street. >> the violence has been in a small number of areas. most unionists all the angry about the flag issue still support the peace process. >> i am not going to give way to those who want to bring down the process. that would be anti-democratic.
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>> there was more trouble in east belfast but not as bad as previous night. tomorrow the union flag will fly again over belfast city hall. to mark the birthday of the duchess of cambridge. one of 19 days mostly rural birthday's on which the agreed to fly theeare flag. it is a symbol of the ongoing divisions. "bbc worldatching news america." david bowie is back with a new single. new figures show unemployment in the eurozone have surged to record high of 11.8% with almost 19 million people out of work.
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there is an expanding wealth divide among the 17 nations that use the single currency. countries in southern europe aren't much worse -- are in much worse shape. >> unemployment lines have never been so long. spain stands out as one of the examples. they have had one of the biggest rises. more than half of the young people are unemployed. there's a difference between countries. unemployment rises faster and heading higher levels at the center of the eurozone financial crisis. spain has the highest unemployment rate. greece is close behind. portugal and cyprus have unemployment problems that are serious and getting worse. in the strong economies is another story. there have been job losses in some. the problem looks manageable in the netherlands and germany were the figures improved over the year and in austria which has
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the lowest unemployment rate. there are some underlying challenges. the rising numbers of jobless and welfare costs ar. >> they are going through this transition. >> the figures and show one exception to this divergence between the strong and weak economies. ireland, the second year as a nation to receive a bailout. political leaders can take some comfort from the fact unemployment fell. >> the idea that life might exist beyond earth as a plot
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line that is -- has filled, science fiction novels. there's more to the script. there are 17 billion planets similar to earth in our galaxy. could the similarities mean that any of those could support life? a short time ago i discussed that with theoretical physicist michio kaku. >> this is a game changer. one out of six stars that you see a night could have an earth- like planet going around it. somebody could be looking back at us from our space. >> what are the chances that they are? some of these planets circulating might have the possibility of supporting life? >> to be fair, most of the
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earth-size planets probably have no more than microbial life like germs and seaweed. a few of them might have intelligent life. dna has been around for about $3.50 -- 3.5 billion years. only in the last five runners thousand years as intelligent life risen out of this one. you cannot rule out intelligent life. quex in 2011, astronomers said they had found two earth sized planets. now it is billions. >> they have taken a census of the milky way galaxy. 50% of all stars have some kind of planet going around it. mostly jupiter size in kibbled harboring life.
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one out of six have planets that are earth sized and that is what is tantalizing scientists. do not expect that a flying saucer is going to land on the white house lawn any time soon. it would take 70,000 years for a saturn rocket to reach the nearby stars. any civilization that could reach the earth would be thousands of years ahead of us. >> thank you. i love it when you come on the program. i was excited about the idea that there may be life out there. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> now to some inventions that are being called out of this world. what would you think you saw a driverless car? thousands have flocked to the technology show to check them out. >> it is the greatest show on
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earth for gadget lovers. they rushed to get a ringside seat. thousands of new products are unveiled in las vegas each generate. this is the sheer scale of its stand which has taken a month to build. it shows off its dominance. of course it is television where they try to show their muscle. the screen to get bigger every year. this is 110 inches across. next year -- next door, sunny -- a 3d screen that can show two different programs.
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each picture becomes clearer. >> it is all about screens. smart tv's and smart phones. also connected devices. lots of connected devices whether it is cameras or health- related devices or other devices that are connected like things you can put in your suitcase to find out where they are. >> the car industry has brought lots of new ideas. many in that automating the driving process to reduce accidents. censors judge when it is getting too close and apply the brakes. the company sees the technology as a co-pilot rather than taking over computing. >> you do not see a day when i will be able to sit in the back seat and let the car do the work? >> i would prefer you did not. i would prefer that you drove and the car may do a better driver. >> some of the gadgetry has no commercial purpose. many of the products battling
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for attention will take off. some could even change our lives. >> i'm not sure why anyone would want to watch two television programs at once but there you go. more than 40 years after david bowie's birth, the singer is back with a new single. it marked his 66th birthday and an album will follow. let's have a listen. quex without fanfare or flamboyance. david bowie simply posted his first new track in a decade on the internet. ♪ where are we now ♪ >> it is a sorrowful, nostalgic ballad.
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reminiscing about his time spent in berlin in the 1970's. surprised and relieved. some had thought that he had quietly retired. others speculated poor health had incapacitated him. which is not the case according to his old friend and producer. >> david is extremely healthy. he is rosy-cheeked. he smiles a lot. during the recording he was smiling all the time. he was so happy to be back in the studio. his stamina is fantastic. >> bowie has a history of surprising his fans. he introduced his alter ego ziggy stardust and change the face of pop. it was here where that famous album cover shot was taken. there is a plaque to mark the
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moment which is significant. there represent a process that has turned pop star into something approaching a living legend. from glam rock to 1980's pop. ♪ ashes to ashes the fashion standard. he is a true artist. says the man who played with him in his last black performance in 2006. >> to play, you get the real deal. and to feel that voice and the power of that voice and the charisma and see the people just really loving him. >> it is a great experience. >> this new single will only add to his men. as the enigmatic man who
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shunned and modern celebrity to stay home and make music that matters to him. >> 66 and still creating. there is hope perales. if you want to hear that signal, checkout the bbc's website. we are thrilled. that brings today's program to a close. if you like, can find us on .witter@ thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow.
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>> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. zte. and union bank. >> bringing you closer -- zte. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored
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solutions in a wide range of what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news america" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: on the anniversary of a mass shooting in arizona, and in the aftermath of the newtown school massacre, anti- gun advocates today ramped up their campaign. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, we look at the drumbeat for action, and get an update on the second day of hearings for the suspect in the colorado theater shootings. >> woodruff: then we examine the investigation into the 9/11 attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, when four americans were killed, as the sole suspect in custody is released. >> ifill: spencer michels reports on the boom in online teaching and its impact on traditional liberal arts education.

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